Photo Editing Service

First Aid For Your Photos

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. "My mate Bob has a fancy camera", you thought. "He can be our wedding photographer", you thought. Unfortunately, as good as Bob's intentions were - and he really did work hard -  he kind of messed up your pictures and now you're left with dark, poorly composed and probably completely unedited images of the biggest day of your lives. 

What I Can Offer You

Simply transfer the files you have (RAW files would be ideal, but just give me what you can) and I will make a series of tailored adjustments to get the absolute best from each image. This could include:

  • re-cropping to improve composition
  • exposure adjustments for under or overexposed images
  • straightening tilted shots
  • applying VSCO film simulations for a more beautiful look
  • + more

What This Costs

This service works at a flat rate of £1 per image. If you have fifty photos, it will cost £50. If you have five hundred photos, it will cost £500. Please note, there is a minimum order of ten photos. 


You have probably heard the expression 'you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear'. In this case, there are some photos that are so bad that they are simply beyond repair. I will always have a go at fixing the image, but if it isn't possible I will let you know. Examples of 'past the point of no return' scenarios include:

  • extreme under or overexposure, where the detail is totally lost
  • completely out of focus - unfortunately, post-capture focussing isn't a thing and there is nothing that can be done about it